A short company history

The Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns was founded in January 1997 as a supplier for both standard and special laboratory experiments on rock samples. The laboratory is located in Heiligenstadt and, accordingly, in the heart of Germany and Europe. From the beginning, it has specialised on most ambitious lab services and it took in only a few years time the national leadership in this market.

The Gesteinslabor is an independent service provider and strictly guarantees the confidentiality of all information and data it gets to know during any project. On clients request, it cooperates with the respective most accepted consultants from anywhere on this globe.

In 2005, Dr. Eberhard Jahns registered in the Commercial Register of the local court of Mühlhausen. In the same year, a significant investment was made to extend the range of services quantitatively and qualitatively, in particular to meet the needs of the international oil and gas industry. Nowadays, the Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns makes more than 50% of its turnover in international business, mainly with clients from Europe and Northern Africa, but also with Middle Eastern and Asian companies. Most of the customers originate from the following industries:

  • oil and gas production
  • underground gas storage
  • mining
  • geothermal deep drills
  • underground waste disposal

In 2010, a second significant extension of the laboratory space and the technical equipment took place to meet the growing demand for high precision laboratory services. The laboratory space covers today more than 1000 square meters and is equipped with cutting-edge technology in rock mechanics and rock physics.



In September 2019 the Swiss National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (NAGRA) commisioned Gesteinslabor with UCS, Brazilian and triaxial tests on neighbouring rocks of the Opalinus Clay - the rock which will host Switzerland's future facilities for nuclear waste disposal.

Gesteinslabor receives funding from BMWi for the development of a new test rig. With this funding, our company will open up a new business field in renewable energies by implementing an innovative technology to determine the capillary threshold pressure with hydrogen on cap rock of underground gas storage facilities.