Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns: since 1997 successful in rock mechanics

In exploitation as well as in the utilisation of crude materials the knowledge of rock physical parameters is indispensable. For the evaluation of the stability of quarry walls, tunnels and wellbores shear strength, cohesion and friction coefficient are key parameters. They are also of major importance for the assessment of the mechanical behaviour of facade stones, bricks, cobble stones, gravel and concrete. Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns is specialised in the determination of these rock mechanical parameters and other important moduli such as Young’s modulus, the Poisson's ratio and the Biot coefficient. At Gesteinslabor geomechanical data are not only derived from static methods but also dynamically via ultrasonic investigations. Moreover, Gesteinslabor deals with density (bulk and grain), permeability and porosity measurements, as well as with petrographic rock investigations and image analysis (based mainly on CT scanning).

For data acquisition Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns works with rock testing devices of highest accuracy (accuracy classes 0.5 and 1). Uniaxial and triaxial experiments are carried out with deformation apparatuses which can deliver maximum axial loads of 100, 600 and 1500 kN, respectively. The pressure vessels of Gesteinslabor can withstand pressures of up to 2000 bar. Compression and tension experiments are frequently accompanied by ultrasonic measurements. Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns has great expertise in the combination of static and dynamic measuring techniques. This allows for a far more precise characterisation of geomaterials compared to the application of one measure alone. Also for permeability and porosity measurements Gesteinslabor uses machines of the highest quality standards.

Clients of Gesteinslabor Dr. Eberhard Jahns come from oil and gas industry, the industrial rocks and minerals sector as well as from geoengineering, in particular mining and tunneling.



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Recently, the article "Determination of capillary threshold pressure with hydrogen gas" was published in the journal EEK.
Article from the journal EEK 01/2023

01.12.2022 · 

Gesteinslabor has successfully completed the development of a new test rig to determine the capillary threshold pressure with hydrogen.